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About Me

Intuitive Guidance that's Kind and Accurate

Hi, my name is Gada Jane and I am a very accurate psychic intuitive. I give readings and guidance that can help you to understand your situation and see your options and opportunities more clearly.

I was raised as a skeptic of all things psychic, spiritual, and non-rational so my path to this work was indirect and involved a lot of questioning. When I finally took up meditation and intuitive practices seriously, I was shocked to discover their usefulness and accuracy. Since then I've been doing readings and helping people to hone their own intuition. 

I love giving readings because it's like meditating and socializing at the same time. I combine psychic insight with a passion and skill for understanding people deeply.

My aim is to help people become their best and happiest selves. To do this I read energy directly and offer a safe and encouraging space to understand and problem solve. I love to work with avid believers and skeptics alike. 


If this feels like a good fit for what you need, get in touch. I would like to help you work through what's going on in your life, answer questions, and find your way forward.

I am based in Kitchener-Waterloo, where I give in-person readings out the Causerie in Downtown Kitchener.  I also offer phone and video chat readings and offer training to help you develop your own intuition.