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"Gada Jane gave me profound insights into my journey in a way that was tangible and transformative. I felt like she had flicked a light switch on the landscape of my life! Absolutely lovely!"

~ John Orpheus, Toronto

"Gada's reading was so helpful and spot on for my current situation. I now know what steps to take next because of her insight."

~ Kendal Thompson, Toronto

"Since I met Gada, I felt she was so blessed by the Psychic Gift. She is an amazing channeller and can connect with everybody's energy instantly and read it. Also, she is great at reading photos or objects she touches. She is compassionate and caring. She is a real, God-gifted psychic like me. She always tries to help." 

~Juan the Psychic, Vancouver

"Gada is an insightful, highly intuitive young woman who provides a reading for you, straight from the heart. She uses her gifts and abilities to get to the root of what you would like to know from the 'other realm' while doing so in a safe and loving way. Everything she says is spot on, and makes perfect and clear sense. I cannot wait to get another reading done by Gada."

~Mirka Petro, Waterloo