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Tune into your highest potential with intuition. 

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Meet Gada

Psychic Intuitive and Intuition Trainer

Gada shows people how to use intuition to design the life that is truly right for you.

She offers intuitive readings, coaching, and training programs that help people to tap into their superpowers and find more fulfillment in their lives. 

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Gada's readings are very conversational. She tunes into your energy to read you directly.


She receives images and sensations that tell her about you, how you think, what's going on in your life. She can also read situations and other people who do not have to be present.​

Whether you want to know about yourself, your love life, career, other people (living or passed), or are just curious, Gada would love to talk to you.


Get a quick check-in on a few subjects or go a bit deeper on one. Intuitive guidance, energy readings, love reading, you pick the focus.




Settle in for an in-depth reading with time to explore what's going on in your life. You can pick the focus or let the process guide.




Delve deeper into all the things you want to talk about. We do a full intuitive exploration of your life and questions. 



The information I received was extremely accurate and insightful. We did a phone reading and even by phone the details she gave from never meeting me was precise. I 100% recommend her to anyone!


– Erin Anstey Horea


Gada uses her gifts and abilities to get to the root of what you would like to know from the 'other realm' while doing so in a safe and loving way. Everything she says is spot on, and makes perfect and clear sense. 

– Mirka Petro


Gada Jane gave me profound insights into my journey in a way that was tangible and transformative. I felt like she had flicked a light switch on the landscape of my life! Absolutely lovely!

– John Orpheus



Introducing Intuitive Practice

Change Your Life from the Inside Out

Intuitive practice is a method designed to grow your abilities to tap into subconscious information, discover what you really want, and explore the limits of what you can know through intuition.

Learning the best ways to use intuition in your own life is a very personal process. Gada has developed a guided process that works with your natural abilities to grow your intuitive superpowers. 


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