Hi, I'm Gada Jane.

I am a psychic intuitive who specializes in giving insights about the inner workings of people. My unique gift is to see and describe how people process the world and what is going on for them in their lives. My readings help my clients to understand themselves and others so that they can live their best lives.

Gada Jane, a blonde woman wearing a floral crown smiles warmly.

How I work....

I tell strangers how their own minds and emotions function. I describe to people how they internally process the way someone else might describe facial features or clothing....


Resources for Developing Intuition

Hone your intuition with these resources and tools that will show you how to tune into and understand your inner intuitive language. 

Exercises to Develop your Intuition

10 Minute Meditation to Connect to your Body

A relaxing meditation to help you connect to and tune into your body. This is a a basic exercise in my intuitive practice program.


Let Your Intuition Answer 

This exercise will help you bypass your conscious brain to get answers to pressing about your life.


10 Minute Meditation to Tune into Your Intuition

To understand what your intuition has to tell you, you must learn to pay attention to your inner experience with and open mind. 


Find your Now | 10 Minute Meditation to Explore your Chakras

This guided meditation with music lets you simply feel what your chakras feel like right now, in this moment.