Find Your Purpose Reading

Find Your Purpose Reading

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Explore what's truly important and clarify your life's purpose with a Find Your Purpose Intuitive Reading. 


Your deeper purpose exists inside you.

You probably feel it pulling at you, but you may not know how to recognize it or live it. 

Your purpose is a real thing that can be described and experienced. Your drive to express yourself, explore, and grow in particular ways is built into you but it's internal and invisible so all too often we ignore these urges.

The thing about purpose is that you can suppress it and ignore it but you can't change it.

Gada specializes in seeing and articulating the inner experiences of people. She senses what's meaningful and what drives people from deep inside as well as the ways people think, feel, and process that shape how you will bring your purpose out into the world. 

A purpose reading can help you clarify what's important and what's not and enable you to structure your life focus your life around what is enjoyable, meaningful, and/or easy for you given you unique gifts, drives, and desires. 

In a Purpose Reading she takes you on an exploration of what drives you and what you most deeply need. By describing your inner world, she can help you articulate:

  • your deeper purpose in life
  • what you really desire and what you don't care about
  • how you think, feel and and process and what that means for how you work and live
  • individualized approaches and strategies to live and work from the core

This is a more structured than a basic reading and are designed to take you deeper, unlock your core purpose, and develop strategies to live a purpose-driven life  .