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How I Became a Professional Psychic

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How I Became a Professional Psychic


How I Became a Professional Psychic


I never intended to become a professional psychic intuitive. All I did was start tuning into my inner experience, follow what I felt pulled towards and it all just seemed to happen. I guess I just sort of relaxed into this line of work. 

I started to do readings because I wandered into the offices of a psychic in Vancouver and he just decided to teach me how to do readings. For a while, all I knew how to do was hold my hand over a picture, meditate, and see images. I didn't believe these could possibly be meaningful at first, but to my surprise I was consistently seeing very literal images right out of people's lives. There was nothing metaphorical. A baby lizard was a baby lizard. The red silk lined guitar case was inherited from the subject's father. 

The strikingly consistent correspondence between the things I could see in my mind and real things in the world was shocking to me. I became obsessed with figuring out what this process was and what I could do with it. 

I practiced constantly for a couple years just because I found it so strange and magical. I would constantly try to sense things. What colour would the light be when I got to it? What was this person feeling? What did that feeling in my abdomen mean?

I jumped on every chance I got to do a reading for someone else. The things I read about people surprised them, but the fact that I could do this often seemed to me more surprising to me than them. It turned out that a lot of people believed in psychics and intuition. While I found myself deep in a kind of existential crisis trying to figure out what felt and believed about it all and what that would mean for my understanding of reality as a whole, most people I talked to seemed to take my newfound abilities in stride.  They would simply ask me questions about themselves and be pleased with the insight. 

Readings always came easily to me. Of course, I've gotten a lot better at doing them over the years, but I always found them natural and easy. I'd always picked up more about people than tends to come up in conversation and doing readings gave me a place to express these things. It was like finally having a place to describe the world as I perceive it, instead of being constrained by the limits of polite conversation and consensus reality. 

I never particularly thought about doing readings professionally until my friend Amber started inviting me to do readings for her friends and having people pay me for it. She brought me my first clients, hosted the readings, and usually served us amazing food while I told people about themselves and people they knew. 

Since then, I've had the good fortune to read for many more lovely people. For me doing readings is one of the moment natural and fun things in the world. I love getting to know people in this unusual way and helping people get a different level of insight into themselves and the situations they find themselves in. 

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By Gada Jane

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