Intuition is a Process not an Identity

by Gada Jane

This might be a controversial or senseless thing to say, given that I am a person who actually identifies as an intuitive, but I do love a distinction worth making.

You might be an intuitive by vocation or myers-briggs type and you also might be very intuitive. But, essentially we are talking about using a specific process. Being an intuitive either means that you use intuitive processes in you work or that you have a preference for using intuitive processes. I call myself an intuitive, but I still think it's worth being careful not to harden one's sense of self too much around labels.

Intuitives can be kind of ignored and undervalued by mainstream society and its great to create communities and identify with our strengths. What we shouldn't do is reject our less dominant processes or identify our selves as being in opposition to other processes.

As an intuitive I can use rational processes and I have lots of emotions. Sometimes reason or emotion is the best tool for the job. To be the best intuitive I can be I want to know when that is and use the process that is best suited to the situation.