The More I Train. The More I Trust My Intuition.

by Gada Jane

People always say "trust your intuition." But is that the first step?

I am a strong believer in the value of intuitive processes. But if you don't test, explore and practice, how can you trust what you feel? Do you really know the difference between an intuitive hit and a emotional feeling?

Perhaps you feel something off in the situation but you don't have the precision to know what. Perhaps you can't hear what your body wants to tell you because you don't like the answer it's giving.

Too often I hear people trying to get a clear intuitive answers about something really important like whether to marry, whether to break-up, or what job to take. Yet those are the hardest questions to distinguish between what you know intuitively and what you want to be true.

Intuitive practice mean practicing on small things to learn how to listen, perceive, and interpret intuitive information.