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What Is Intuitive Practice?

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What Is Intuitive Practice?


What Is Intuitive Practice?

Intuitive Practice is a mindfulness-based method that allows you to relax into your own natural intuitive process. It’s a versatile approach that will show you how to tune in and work with the kinds of energetic and intuitive information that you are naturally tuned into.

When you are intuitive, empathic, or sensitive to energy, you pick up on things. Whether it’s other people’s emotions, information about what’s going to happen, senses about what’s going on under the surface of a situation, or energy vibes, you end up with extra information that you need to process and understand.

The problem is that it can be hard to make sense of the feelings you get. You might not know what a feeling means or you might struggle to tell if an emotion you are feeling belongs to you or to someone else. Sensitive people often never hone their gifts or, even worse, they learn to shut them down or block them out because they feel hard to deal with or because they’ve been judged or dismissed too many times.

All too often, other people dismiss it when you try to describe what you feel and know. You are told you are making things up or that you’re over sensitive. You end up feeling overwhelmed by the information and perhaps even like there is something wrong with you. We live in a world that tells us that people only receive information through their five senses and most people are not taught what to do with these other kinds of experiences.

Intuitive practice is a versatile method to put you in touch with your own individual process. By simply relaxing and noticing, you allow your own unique process to reveal itself. 

We all process differently. Think differently. Everyone notices different things as we go through the world, we find different things interesting, understand things in our own way and we all have our own intuitive language.

This is why Intuitive Practice is helpful. It’s not a set of practices, it’s a practice of listening to what you feel and allowing yourself to come in your own way to a clear understanding of what your feelings, sensations, etc are telling you. When I teach Intuitive Practice I don’t tell you what your feelings and sensations mean and I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to try to teach people to do what I do. I prefer to help you tune into yourself and allow your unique intuitive language to reveal itself. I don’t teach how to “do intuition in a particular way,” instead I guide you through practices that enable self-discovery.
By Gada Jane

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