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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: Where is Gada based? 

A: Gada is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Her clients come from all over the world since most of her work is done via Zoom calls or over the phone. 

Q: Is Gada a psychic, an intuitive, or a medium? 

A: Gada is a psychic intuitive, which means she uses an intuitive process to receive psychic insight. She is also a medium, which means she communicates with spirits. She is not card reader, but instead tunes directly into the energy of people, spirits, relationships and situations to give precise and insightful readings. 

Q: Does Gada offer services for businesses or corporate training? 

A: Yes, Gada has used her skills to train sales people in improvisational and intuitive approaches, help business owners to strategize, lead team building workshops and teach intuitive storytelling. If your business or workplace has something Gada could help with, email hello [at] or use the contact page to let us know what you are looking for. 


Q: What can I expect from a reading with Gada? 

A: Gada's readings are intuitive explorations of you. She tunes directly into your energy and tells you what she senses. It’s very conversational and flexible. You can add as much detail as you want or just let Gada talk.

Q: Why would someone book a reading with Gada?

A: Most clients book a reading with Gada because they want her in-depth psychic insight on a pressing problem or question. Gada is thoughtful, precise, and thorough whether talking about people, relationships, career, or whatever else you want to discuss. The two most common comments Gada gets is that she's put something into words that the client knew but could never quite articulate and that her descriptions of people are spot on. 

Q: Does Gada need to meet someone to read them? 

A: No, Gada can tune into anyone without meeting them or being given any details about the person. 

Q: What kinds of questions should I ask? 

A: You can ask about whatever you want. You can come with a specific question or questions, or you can just ask Gada to tune into a, area of your life (like love, career, etc). You can even just ask Gada to tune in to you in general and tell you what she senses. Most people prefer to start this way just to see what comes up and then ask questions after, but it's completely up to you. 

Q: Can I have a joint reading with someone else? 

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or partner to your reading. 

Q: Is there anywhere I can get a taste of what a reading is like before booking?

A: Gada offers free live readings on Instagram and Facebook every Tuesday at 12:30 pm ET and Thursday at 7 pm ET. You can tune in live and request a reading of your own or see past videos at or

Q: Does Gada do readings at parties or events? 

A: Yes, Gada enjoys doing readings in a wide variety of contexts. Have something in mind? Email hello [at] or use the contact page to discuss your event. 


Q: What does it mean to train intuition? 

A lot of people get occasional, spontaneous psychic or intuitive insights or else  have general feelings but do not know how to turn these experiences into reliable, on-demand information. Intuitive training helps you do that by teaching you to notice intuitive signals, understand what they mean, and call up more information to fill in gaps. 

Q: How does intuitive training work? 

Gada has developed a unique method that teaches you to tune in, notice and work with your own individual intuitive gifts. The process starts simply with noticing what comes and allowing the images, feelings, etc to reveal their meaning to you naturally. Training sessions are a mix of readings you to help you understand your process and determine best approaches, doing intuitive exercises, and energy work.

Q: Can I do training or coaching with a partner or group? 

A: Yes, Gada will teach partners or small groups. While she doesn't currently offer group training that you can join as an individual, if you have a group or person you'd like to train with she is a happy work with you. This is a more affordable option than one-on-one sessions. Email hello [at] or use the contact page for a quote. 

Wondering about something else? Email your question to hello [at] or use the contact page to find out more.