Learn to understand your unique intuitive language 

and turn your sensitivity into a superpower. 

When you are intuitive, empathic, or sensitive to energy, you pick up on things. Whether it’s other people’s emotions, information about what’s going to happen, senses about what’s going on under the surface of a situation, or energy vibes, you end up with extra information that you need to process and understand. 

The problem is that it can be hard to make sense of the feelings you get. You might not know what a feeling means or you might struggle to tell if an emotion you are feeling belongs to you or to someone else. Sensitive people often never hone their gifts or, even worse, they learn to shut them down or block them out because they feel hard to deal with or because they’ve been judged or dismissed too many times.

 All too often, other people dismiss it when you try to describe what you feel and know. You are told you are making things up or that you’re over sensitive. You end up feeling overwhelmed by the information and perhaps even like there is something wrong with you. We live in a world that tells us that people only receive information through their five senses and most people are not taught what to do with these other kinds of experiences. 

But the truth is that being tuned into extra information is a strength. You can use it to navigate your life better and get insight into the world around you. Intuitive practice is the art of developing your relationship to your own natural inner language. It is about opening intuitive channels and learning to understand how your intuition communicates. 

This is what I teach in my Introduction to Intuitive Practice Online course. I have developed a mindfulness-based method that allows you to relax into your own natural intuitive process. It’s a versatile approach that will show you how to tune in and work with the kinds of energetic and intuitive information that you are naturally tuned into. 

This course is for you if:

  • You are naturally empathic or sensitive. You pick up other people’s feelings or general vibes easily, maybe to the point that it can be overwhelming or disruptive. 
  • You get spontaneous intuitive hits where you just know something, but you struggle to tap into your intuitive gifts on demand. 
  • You were sensitive to energy or had supernatural experiences as a kid but stopped having those experiences at some point. 
  • You want to learn how to tap into your unique intuitive gifts. 

Learn about yourself as you learn about intuition.

It doesn’t matter how gifted you are

if you don't know how to use those gifts. 

I was always sensitive to people and energy but I didn’t realize it, which meant I was often just confused and stressed. I spent a lot of time being told my way of understanding people and the world was wrong because other people didn’t pick up the same things that I did. For a long time, I tried to force myself to function like people said I should. I didn’t listen to my intuition, and when I’d ignored it for too long, it would come through as anxiety and overwhelming emotions.

It wasn’t just that I “wasn’t listening” to my inner voice: I didn’t know how to understand my inner language. I naturally pick up a lot of information about people and the world around me, but because I didn’t know that’s what was happening I just felt overwhelmed. I was working against myself and not being natural in the world which left me feeling stressed, frustrated, and blocked me from moving forward naturally. 

Finally it got to be too much. I found myself on vacation in Europe, and I realized I was scared to relax. I was scared because I knew on some level that, if I just relaxed, my life would change dramatically. And it did. As soon as I did start relaxing and paying attention to what I felt in my body, I discovered there was so much information I’d been blocking and ignoring. I learned to notice and release stress I was storing in my body and make decisions that truly felt right for me, and I also learned that by tuning into my own inner world, I could accurately read people and situations.

Having started out as a skeptic, this all came as a surprise to me. Over the next few years I developed a careful practice to hone my gifts into skills I now use daily in my life and in my work as a professional intuitive. I’m in a much better place now personally and professionally. As I learned to receive, understand and test intuitive information, my intuition became something that I could rely on. I now lean into my unusual processing and am known by my clients for precise and detailed readings of people and situations. Because I’ve practiced, what used to be out of my control is now something I can use to help people all over the world and which helps me to feel more grounded and satisfied in my own life. 

It’s not just about intuition:  it’s about becoming your best, most empowered self.

If I’ve learned anything from doing readings, it’s that I’m not the only one who has felt frustrated and disempowered in exactly the areas where I should be thriving most. I had to figure things out for myself, but through this course I am able to teach you what I learned without all the trial and error. 

Intuitive processing is natural. We do it all the time, but until we hone our abilities to tell the difference between our feelings and those of other people and understand the waves of energy that run through us, it can feel more overwhelming than helpful. I teach a careful process to help you understand and build confidence in the information that you are getting and take your sensitivity and make it your superpower. 

Once you train and learn to work with your gifts, you start to feel empowered. You start to feel in control. You know how to use the information with confidence and explain it to others in a way that they understand. You start to feel like you are really able to use your gifts to understand yourself, achieve your goals and create a life that feels deeply right for you.

What to expect...

Introduction to Intuitive Practice is a guided online course that teaches you the basics of my method for intuitive development. It’s a mindfulness-based program that shows you how to get out of your own way, relax and simply notice what comes up. 

Over the course of 7 weeks, you will learn:

  • How to work with your own natural preferences and abilities. 
  • How to receive and interpret intuitive information.
  • How to develop trust in your own intuitive abilities.

This process teaches you to work with your own process. Building on your own natural gifts, I will help you to unleash your intuitive abilities, using a personally tailored approach based on:

  • The way your mind works.
  • How you process emotions.
  • Your energetic patterns.
  • Your natural intuitive gifts.

You will get:

  • Lifetime access to the Introduction to Intuitive Practice course materials.
  • Weekly group calls to check-in and answer questions.
  • A 90 minute one-on-one reading with me about your intuitive gifts to help you get the most out of the program. 
  • A one-page Personalized Development Plan.
  • Access to the Intuitive Practice online community to connect to other participants.


The course lasts 7 weeks and includes 3 self-guided lessons per teaching week. 

Because Intuitive Practice is deep and each person has their own natural trajectory, it includes two weeks without new lessons for integrating the material and resting. 


Active Practice



Active Practice



Rest & Integration

Rest, meditate, repeat exercises & discuss at your own pace. 


Active Practice

Building Blocks


Active Practice



Rest & Integration

Rest, meditate, repeat exercises & discuss at your own pace. 


Active Practice

Build Your Practice

Students say...

A lot of intuition coaches teach you how THEY work, 

I will teach you how YOU work. 

This course teaches you a versatile method to put you in touch with your own individual process. By simply relaxing and noticing, you allow your own unique process to reveal itself. The course also includes live discussions and a one-on-one reading, you will get unique insight from me about how to tailor the process to your own needs and gifts. 

We all process differently. Think differently. Everyone notices different things as we go through the world, we find different things interesting, understand things in our own way and we all have our own intuitive language. 

This is why I teach intuitive practice the way I do. I won’t be telling you what your feelings and sensations mean in this course. I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to try to teach people to do what I do. I prefer to help you tune into yourself and allow your unique intuitive language to reveal itself. I don’t teach how to “do intuition in a particular way,” instead I guide you through practices that enable self-discovery. 

Sign up today to jumpstart your intuitive journey. 

This course will show you how to get out of your own way and allow your intuitive process to naturally reveal itself to you. If you want to understand how to make the most of your natural intuitive process to help you enjoy your life and succeed in your own way, then this course is for you. 

 Up until now I have only offered individual training which is expensive. With “Introduction to Intuitive Practice” I am making my approach available as an online course for the very first time. This is a unique opportunity to learn the process in a hands-on way, with me as your guide in a financially-accessible way.

I want to help you move from knowing you are intuitively sensitive to feeling empowered to fully use your gifts to their full capacity. Sign up today to be part of this program. Through this course, I will guide you into a deeper relationship with your own intuition and intuitive language simply by tuning into, noticing, and then precisely describing what you perceive. The practices are mostly very simple, some as simple as breathing, but the effects are immensely powerful.

 I invite you to join me in this course to build your own intuitive practice and discover where it takes you. 

Have questions? Email us for more information.