Gada Jane, Intuitive

Gada Jane, Intuitive Reader and Trainer

Tune into your highest potential with Gada Jane. 

Gada Jane’s philosophy is centered on the principle of working from the inside out to design the life that is truly right for you.

To live more fulfilling, core-centred lives Gada believes we need to stop trying to match ourselves to images of what we should be and discover the path is already inside us.

Gada helps people do this through intuitive readings, coaching, and training programs that help people to tap into their superpowers and find fulfillment from the inside out.

As an accurate and insightful psychic intuitive, Gada offers readings that help people see themselves, their abilities, and opportunities in fresh and empowering ways.

Through her coaching and training programs, she teaches people how to learn their own intuitive processes. She understands that everyone has different intuitive strengths and abilities. So, instead of teaching her own intuitive system, Gada teaches practices to learn your own natural way.