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What is an Intuitive Gifts Reading?

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What is an Intuitive Gifts Reading?


What is an Intuitive Gifts Reading?


An intuitive gifts reading is a detailed description of how your intuition functions and communicates.  I write up a detailed report about how you process and which types of experiences contain the most accessible intuitive information for you.

Most of us are so familiar with what it feels like to be inside our own experience that that we take it for granted. We don’t really know what makes our experience unique or notice what we are especially tuned into. This can make it difficult to really focus on and develop our specific and unique gifts. 

With an intuitive gifts reading, you get an insightful description of your natural intuitive gifts and challenges along with personally tailored tips for working with your own process. 

Because these readings are descriptive and I’m not just putting you in a category, they tend to contain surprising details that feel like you but which you may not have thought of as relevant to your intuition.  In these readings I’m much more specific than something like “you are clairvoyant” or “empathic.” I actually describe what you tend to pick on and how that intuitive feels to you. 

So, if you are interested in understanding your intuitive process, developing your intuitive skills, or just in getting to know yourself better an intuitive gifts reading can help you do that. 

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By Gada Jane

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