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What it's Like to Train Your Intuition

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What it's Like to Train Your Intuition


What it's Like to Train Your Intuition


As much as I love doing readings for people, there is nothing more powerful than developing one's own intuition.

Readings provide insight. They are great for seeing things for a different perspective and filling in missing information. Training your own intuition helps you navigate your life better, feel more aligned, and make the best choices for yourself on an ongoing basis. 

When I work with you to help you develop your intuition,  I guide you one-on-one to tune into your own inner world and learn to understand your own intuitive language.

I like to think about intuition as being very much like an internal language. It's not just about dramatic flashes of insight or gnawing feelings in the pit of your stomach. Working with intuition is about learning to communicate with your deeper sense of knowing consistently by allowing the feelings and sensations you experience to reveal their meaning to you. 

I teach people to relax, tune in, and then simply notice and describe until understand emerges. The process is all about allowing meaning to form rather than trying to interpret or force insight. My approach is rooted in mindfulness practices and draws on energy work and it's designed to help you get out of your own way and let your intuitive language naturally reveal itself. 

Developing your intuition will help you get clarity about what you actually want in your life, what feels right and what doesn’t. It also tunes you into psychic information and will help you understand and manage empathic or energetic information you might natural picking up  from other people and the world around you if you are an empath or otherwise energetically sensitive.

The process I work with starts with simply relaxing and noticing sensations and feeling in your physical and energetic body. You simply relax and notice and allow what you notice to reveal increasingly specific information. It sounds simple and it is very simple and very natural. Yet it can be difficult to put into practice. 

This is why it’s so helpful to work with a coach. When I work with you one-on-one, I can use my own intuitive abilities to sense where you are and what comes naturally to you in order to specifically tune the process to you and your needs. 

In this way, I guide you to simply allow your intuitive process to reveal itself to you on itself to you on its own terms. That’s when the magic really begins.


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By Gada Jane

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